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Even though you don’t use the installed App, the battery is used due to memory operation caused by basic application programs.

The battery life can be reduced, if many programs are running on the standby screen or various additional functions are used.

How to minimize battery consumption

Set the battery saving type screen.

 - Settings > Screen > Brightness > 25%

 - Settings > Screen > Automatic brightness

 - Settings > Screen > Automatic screen off > Within 30 seconds

 - Settings > Screen > Cancel automatic screen rotation

Delete all unnecessary widgets and Apps.

After using an app, press the Back button and completely close the app.

On the standby screen, press the Recent Apps button and close all recently running apps.

Stop the running App by going to Settings > General > App > Select Running tab > Select a program to stop > Stop.

Turn of the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and automatic synchronization function when they are not used.


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