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[雪櫃] 為甚麼食品在冷藏室凍結或在冷凍室結冰?

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Why do foods freezes in the refrigerator compartment or does ice build up in the freezer?


Symptom Symptom

             1. Ice builds up in the freezer, refrigerator does not work properly, or food is excessively cooled


How to fix How to fix


            1. Freezer Tips

           • Do not store glass bottles in the freezer; glass may break when content is frozen.
           • Do not refreeze food that has been thawed. This cause loss of flavor and nutrition.
           • Do not touch cold food or containers, especially those made of metal, with wet hands or place glass products in the freezer compartment.


           2. Refrigerator Tips

            • Avoid placing moist food on the top refrigerator shelves; it could freeze from direct   contact with chilled air
            • Always clean food before storing them in refrigerator.
              Vegetables and fruits should be washed and dried.
               P acked foods should be dried to avoid spoiling other foods.
                     F/U drawer, F/L drawer


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