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[雪櫃] 怎樣避免雪糕及其他食品溶化?

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How can I prevent ice cream and other foods from melting?



Symptom Symptom

             1. Ice cream melts in the freezer.


Cause Reason


          1. Ice cream melts when temperature is higher than – 20 ℃ (-4℉), when the refrigerator door is opened frequently in summer.

            2. If it is stored in door or in front shelf, it can melt as temperature is higher than inside.

            3. The proper storage temperature is from -18℃ (0.4℉) to -23℃(-9.4℉), depending on the type of ice cream.


How to fix How to fix


             1. Set the temperature to be between – 22 ℃ (-7.6℉) and - 24 ℃ (-11.2℉), and foods such as ice cream should be stored near to the air outlet vent.

             ※ Check if water freezes in freezer in two hours. If not, contact service center for service.


                           Store ice cream near to an air outlet vent

                                 [Store ice cream near to an air outlet vent]


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