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[乾衣機] 電源故障

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  • 最後更新 31/07/2014
Is the power chord installed and plugged in correctly? Is the dryer a gas model?
Make certain that the power cord is completely plugged into the outlet.  Also, make certain that the power cord is connected to the terminal block appropriately depending on the power cord type (three- or four-prong).  This is especially important for new installations. Gas Dryers use 120-volt breaker for the motor and control board.  If the breaker is off or a fuse has gone out, this will prevent the unit from powering on. Check the breaker box to see if the breaker is off or if a fuse has gone out. If this is the case, correct this and try again.

On electric models ensure the power cord is installed correctly.

Is the door not completely closed, or is the load size excessive?
If the load size is too large, it could hinder the door from shutting properly. If the door is not closed completely, the unit will not start. Close the door completely. Also, if the load size is too large, remove items from the drum to allow the door to shut. Excessive load size can hinder proper airflow and prevent proper drying.
Is child lock on?
If the [child lock] is engaged, all buttons are locked.  To operate the dryer, the function must be turned off. The unit will display a CL on the control panel. In models that include a rack dry usually holding the [rack dry] button for three seconds will disable the function.  The method to disengage [child lock] can vary by model refer to the owners manuals for exact instructions for each model.
Is the dryer an electric model?
Electric Dryers require 240 volt, 30amps.  This is supplied via a dual circuit. Check the circuit breaker to make certain that it is on.


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