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為甚麼膠邊表面不平均, 是損壞了嗎?

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  • 最後更新 20/04/2015

Why is the surface of rubber gasket uneven as if it is damaged?



cause Cause


        ■ Looking at top right corner, there is a ventilator projected outward blowing warm air into tub.

           That is why a section of rubber gasket appears to be uneven.

           (Only for some dryer models)


       ■ Rubber gasket is made of a soft rubber to absorb tub vibration.

          As it is made up of rubber, it can easily deform and may move depending on laundry.



how to fix How to fix


       Rubber gasket may appear damaged but it is not a defect but because of other parts in the washing machine.


          rubber gasket deformation

                            <Rubber gasket>










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