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Have you checked drain filter?



cause Cause


         ■ Open lower cover cap on the lower left corner of washing machine and check if drain filter is correctly assembled.


         ■ Incorrectly assembled drain filter causes leakages.



how to fix How to fix


       1. Open the lower cover cap and take out the drain plug. Drain residual water from the washing machine.


         2. Put the drain plug back once draining is complete.


         3. Completely disassemble the drain filter by rotating it counter clockwise and complete drain.

             Once it is done, put drain filter back and rotate it clockwise until ‘click’ sound is heard.


        ※ If flooding floor is acceptable, skip the first two steps and go straight to step 3.


             filter cap check

                             <Filter Leaking>               <Completely close the caps once drained>






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