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Did you use paper detergent or fabric softener?



cause Cause


         ■ Depending on type of detergent, there is a limit on amount of detergent for front-loading washing machines.
         ■ Paper detergent does not dissolve in water. It should not be inserted neither in dispenser drawer nor in the drum
             as it can block water flow. 

             (Dispenser drawer leakage is usually due to incorrect or excessive use of detergent)



how to fix How to fix


         ■ Please use an appropriate type of detergent for front-load washing machines for the best results.

         Paper detergent and fabric softener are not recommended to use.

            (If their use cannot be avoided, put it deep inside the dispenser drawer. Paper detergent should be removed as soon as possible.
        It may flow into drain hole, clogging the system.

          Detergent tablets should be directly put in the drum.



                                         <Paper type detergent>


            paper detergent

                                 <Paper type detergent tangled in laundry>






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