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[UE] 檢查了衣物有否不平衡嗎?

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  • 最後更新 21/04/2015

[UE] Did you check if laundry is out of balance?



cause Cause


          ■ During spinning, a front-loading washer increases RPM (Revolution Per Minute) in stages from low to high.

              It also automatically detects laundry imbalance and modifies cycle.

          ■ When laundry load is heavy (e.g. winter jacket, pillow, etc.) or articles are leaned to one side, try to rearrange the load for 
             balance. If not, spinning time can increase or proper spinning speed cannot be reached.
          ■ Also, if the washer is not horizontally stable, errors can arise.

how to fix How to fix


        If articles are leaned to one side, rearrange them for balance.


          ■ Avoid overloading the machine. Fill the tub up to 2/3 of its capacity.


    laundry leand on one side


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