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[Nexus 5X] 螢幕鎖定: Secure start-up

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  • 最後更新 24/11/2015

Screen lock : Secure start-up


 How to Setup

     • Users can increase the security level for the starting of the mobile phone by setting the safe start.
        Settings > Security > Screen lock

     • When screen is locked, users will see the selection menu for the Secure start-up on the left. 
        If you select the PIN request upon the device start, the device asks you to press the password
        you set in order to complete the booting. If you select No thanks, the device completes the booting
       using the basic password saved in the memory in advance. This case is not safe in terms of security
       even if it is encrypted.

     • You can set or unlock the set Secure start-up by re-setting the password in Settings > Security
       > Screen lock.

     • Caution: If Secure start-up is set, users must always remember the password set by oneself. 
                       If you forget the password, you cannot complete the device startup. Recovering the device
                       will require factory reset via the service center, meaning any existing user data is not


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