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手機經常自動關機, 應如何處理?

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  • 最後更新 25/06/2015

My phone keeps turning off itself, what should I do?


cause Cause


             Power failure may be due to phone hardware and software.


how to fix How to fix


             1. Due to software  

                 ① In most instances, intermittent power off occurs because of the phone software. 
                 Android OS resets the power automatically to protect the system when the processors do not respond for a certain period of time.

.                ② Your phone may be locked or power off when an error occurs with a widget or multiple apps are installed at once (20-30).

                      If power is turned off after running an app, please uninstall.

                      Go to Menu > Settings > General > Apps > Select the App > Uninstall

                 ③ Check if your phone software is up to date. If not, please upgrade to the latest version.

                      Menu > Settings > General tab > About Phone > Update Center > Software Update.

                 ④ When battery temperature is 60℃ or higher, it can cause power off.

                      Please close all running apps and programs (auto sync) and wait until the phone cools down.


             2. Due to hardware
                 ① Power may turn off due to poor contact between the battery and the phone terminal,

                      caused by foreign materials on phone terminal or battery movement. 
Please clean the batteries and where it goes in with a dry cloth. 
                      Make sure the batteries are placed properly, and turn on power to check.


                 ③ Dropping on a surface or in water can also make it to turn off. 
                      In such instance, please visit a service center nearest you for a technical assistance. 

                     ※ When the symptoms persists, we recommend you to contact the service center.



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