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How can I maximize my battery performance?



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            Apps may run in the background when they are not in use, consuming the battery. Your

            smartphone can run out fast if many programs are running or other features are used. Battery

            life span is measured in our lab with a standard by a consumer protection agency regarding

            the smartphone battery life and its indication. Actual battery life span can differ from the manual

            depending on your service provider, user environment, and your smartphone and battery use.


            Applicable : All smartphone models



icon How to maximize your battery performance


            1. Set up the battery-saving display.

            2. Avoid using an unknown source.

            3. Use regularly updated push service or apps. 

            4.Download and install Advanced Task Killer from the Play Store to close apps manually.

            5.Use the Back button to completely close an app. 

            6.Go to Recent Apps and Clear All to remove running apps.

            7.Turn the display off when you do not use the smartphone.

            8.Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi network, and / or email apps if not necessary.

            9.Set up the smartphone to wait for a shorter period of time before turning off the screen.

            10.Set the brightness level to minimum.

            11.Go to Menu (Apps) >  Settings > General >  Apps > Running > Select a program you

                 would like to close > Tap Stop



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