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[V10] 什麼是15秒自動編輯?

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  • 最後更新 27/11/2015

What is 15 sec. Auto Edit?


     The proprietary technology behind Auto Edit will automatically create a 15 second highlight reel
     based on footage you’ve captured.

     Shortens videos over 30 seconds to 15 seconds by using an algorithm to show only highlighted sections 
     (reduced video content that is blurry or where no action is happening)

 How to use

     Go into editor, choose 15 Sec. Auto Editor, after process is finished it can easily be shared to SNS 

     ※ NOTE : Created 15 Sec. Auto Edit movies will be saved as a separate file than the original

     15 seconds automatic edit function may not select desired part of recording and does not allow you 
           make adjustments.





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