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如何於LG G4 手機作螢幕設定?

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  • 最後更新 25/06/2015

How can I manage screen display on LG G4?




             Manage Home screen settings, Lock screen settings, Font display and other features.

             To access display settings: from the Home Screen, tap Apps  > Settings  > Display tab.


          1. Home & Lock


                 ① Tap Home screen ICON to Customize and manage your Home screen settings.

                 ② Tap Lock screen ICON to select the desired option to secure your phone.

                 ③ Tap Home touch buttons ICON to select the home touch button combination, color and if you want to use a transparent background


          2. Font

                 ① Tap Font type ICON to select a desired font type to display on your device, tap the Plus icon  to add additional fonts.

                 ② Tap Font size ICON to select the desired font size to display on your device.


          3. Basic Settings

                 ① Tap Brightness ICON to adjust the screen brightness by using the slider ICON. Checkmark ICON Automatic brightness to set the brightness to automatically change.

                      Note: Brightness will be changed automatically depending on the surrounding lighting. For certain models you can adjust the baseline brightness value when Auto is checked.

                                 For those models, screen brightness may adjust above the baseline when determined that lighting conditions will greatly affect ability to view the screen

                                 (e.g. direct sunlight). Alternatively, your screen brightness may adjust below the baseline if device detects an abnormally warm condition.

                 ② Checkmark ICON Auto-rotate screen ICON to set the phone to switch orientation automatically when you rotate the phone.

                      Note: Some apps control the screen rotation independently of the option selected here.

                 ③ Tap Screen timeout ICON to set the time delay before the screen automatically turns off.


          4. Advanced Settings

                 ① Tap More > Daydream then tap the switch ICON to turn it on. Select the screensaver to enable when the phone is sleeping while docked and/or charging.

                     Options depend on the applications installed. Tap the Gear icon ICON for additional settings if available. Tap the Menu key ICON, tap Startup settings to

                     select When to Daydream or tap Start now to start Daydream immediately.

                 ② Tap Motion sensor calibration and re-calibrate your devices sensor.



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