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I cannot connect to Wi-Fi. What should I do?


cause Cause 1


             ① When multiple devices in a space are in a line, radio frequency interferences between the devices may cause errors despite normal

                  Wi-Fi reception. Messages  such as “Loading…” or “Network error occurred. Retry” can pop up and connection may fail. 
             ② Walls or other obstacles between a wireless router and a smart phone may lessen reception.

             ③ Wrong password input may lead to successful Wi-Fi reception but connection failure.

             ④ Wi-Fi provided by a certain carrier may be available for its users only.


how to fix How to fix


             ① If a certain sharer (AP) fails to connect, you may have to upgrade its program.

             ② Weak signals in certain areas only: 
             Check if Wi-Fi signals are weak on other devices in the same area.

                  If yes, walls or other obstacles between the devices and the wireless AP are to blame for lower reception.

                  Also see signal strength of other wireless APs. If the signal strength is higher, the AP needs to be checked.

             ③ Weak signals in multiple area:

                  Check out strength of signals from other wireless APs. 
                  If the signals are weak, check the software of the mobile phone and upgrade to the latest version if necessary.

                  Change the password or password setting to Open and try again (Sometimes connection fails due to incorrect password).

cause Cause 2


              Sometimes internet connection may fail due to incorrect device setting.


how to fix How to fix


             If the mobile data limit icon appears at the upper left corner of the screen or mobile data icon that shows internet connection 

             is not displayed, internet cannot be accessed.
        wifi connection icon


             2. Pull down the status bar to view the status of your network connection.

             3. If the mobile data icon is not shown, make sure to allow the data access under the Quick Menu settings.

             4. Check if the mobile data icon appears on the status bar. If yes, you can now use internet. 
                 ※ If the mobile data icon is not shown on the screen or data usage limit icon is displayed, 
                      check is a data usage limit is set under Setting. 



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