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[V10] 如何有第二螢幕設定聯絡人快捷鍵?

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  • 最後更新 27/11/2015

How can you set Quick Contacts on the second screen?


     In the second screen, if you set Quick Contacts, you can conveniently use call and message.

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 How to enable

     From the home screen, tap App ▶ Settings ▶ Display tab (if applicable) ▶ Second screen.
     Tap Show when main screen on and place a checkmark next to Quick Contacts.  Tap the gear 
     icon to edit contact options.


 How to set from second screen

     Press the second screen’s + icon to set Quick Phonebook, and while the phonebook is set in
     the second screen, you can also long press the phonebook to move to the setting screen.





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