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省電應用程式 - 保持着"wake lock"狀態

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  • 最後更新 13/04/2015

Power Saver - Power "Wake Lock" Detector




check point Check Point


         Power Saver: In case that any 3rd party app does not go into sleep mode and keeps the “wake lock”, 

               an warning about battery consumption will be noticed on G3 L-OS devices with v20h.

               ※ v20h will be released after Feb 5th



symptom Symptom


         ■ Users feel much more battery consumption with L-OS comparing to KK,
               because many 3rd party apps have not been optimized yet at L-OS.



how to fix How to fix


         In that case user can use “Power Saver” as follows.
              1) Play an app which is using  a lot of battery .
              2) Press  HOME key. App would be working under the background.
              3) Turn off the screen by timeout.
              4) Turn on the screen after over 3 minutes.
              5) Check notification bar. User can enter an app info or terminate an app in notification panel.


            notification bar



              how to turn offhow to turn off


              Power Saver is not applied to all apps. It would only be activated for an app which consumes much battery . 
                    Power Saver would be activated depending on app version.


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