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上網速度慢, 圖片未能顯示

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  • 最後更新 25/06/2015
    What should I do when Internet speed is slow and images are not shown?


symptom Symptom


              Internet speed is slow or error occurs with images.


cause Cause

              An accumulated data cache1) can slow down your internet speed or cause image errors.

              1) What is Cache?

                  Cache means temporarily saved data. It helps to reduce loading time when you use the same information.

                  However, accumulated cache will can slow down the operation as time passes.


how to fix How to fix


              1. Reset the browser to its default.

                  1) Open Internet App.

                       internet speed


                  2) Select Option Button internet speed on the Internet App.

                      ※ Option button may be located at upper right or upper left corner of the screen depending on the setting.

                  3) Tap Settings from the list.

                       internet speed


                  4) Tap Advanced.

                      internet speed


                  5) Tap Reset to Default on Advanced menu.

                      internet speed


                  6) Tap Yes and the data cache will be deleted.


              2. Clear Data/Cache

                  If log-in information, bookmarks, and unnecessary caches are not removed, errors may occur and internet may slow down.

                  Please clear internet app cache and data.


                  1) From the Home screen, open App

                  2) Select Setting from the list.

                       internet speed


                  3) Go to General and tab Apps.

                      internet speed


                  4) From Downloaded tap, slide left to view ALL.

                      Select Internet.

                      internet speed


                  5) Tap Clear data and Clear cache.

                      internet speed

                      ※ Clear data will remove all bookmarks and saved internet settings.

                           If your internet is still slow after you clear cache, internet connection may be using 3G network depending on your phone plans.

                           Please check with your service provider.



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