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如何將 Micro USIM 放入手機?

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  • 最後更新 21/08/2015

How can I use the Micro USIM card?



icon What is Micro USIM card?


            To be provided with the mobile service, you need to insert the Micro USIM card to your phone. 
            Micro USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) card will be provided by your service provider.


            1. You can lock your Micro USIM card to prevent others from using your card.

            2. If you enter wrong PIN three times, your Micro USIM card will be locked. Enter your PUK

                code to unlock. 

            3. PUK code comes along with your Micro USIM card. You need to purchase another

                Micro USIM card if you enter incorrect PUK code ten times in a row.

            4. If you forgot your PUK code, please contact the store where you bought the Micro USIM card

                or your service provider to initialize the code.



icon How to insert/extract your MicroUSIM card

            1. Raise the battery cover on the side with your fingernail and remove the cover.

                Be careful to avoid injuries. Do not use an excessive force to tilt or twist the cover

                as it can cause damages.




            2. Make sure the diagonal lines of the MicroUSIM card go to the upper left side. Place the metallic

                are to face down and push in as indicated by the red arrow.

                Do not insert an external memory card instead of the Micro USIM card.






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