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[G4] 如何更改我的應用程式,小工具和快捷鍵?

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  • 最後更新 26/08/2015

How can I customize apps, widgets, and shortcuts?



image Function


            Tap and hold the Recent  Apps Key (square-shaped button) on the Home screen to access

            Apps& widgets, Home screen settings, Lock screen settings, or System settings.



image How to set up

can add or remove apps, widgets, folders, or shortcuts on the Home screen.

            1. Tap and hold an empty space on the Home screen to edit apps, widgets, or wallpaper.

            2. Tap and drag an app to a place you want on the Home screen to make a shortcut. If you tap

                once shortly, the shortcut icon will be placed automatically into an empty space.

            3. To remove a shortcut on the Home screen, tap and hold the shortcut icon you want to remove.

                Drag the icon to Remove on the top of the screen. Only the shortcut icon will be removed

                and the app will not be uninstalled.



            How to change your wallpaper

            1. Press and hold on a blank space on the Home screen. 

            2. Tab Wallpaper option and swipe left or right to select an wallpaper you want.



            How to customize an icon

            1.Tab and hold an icon that you want to change and do not drag to another place. You will see

                a brush on the top of the icon. Tab the icon again to select a different icon from Gallery

                or add a new icon.

            2. Only icons on the Home screen can be changed.



            How to use a folder

            1. Press an icon on the Home screen and drag it onto another icon to create a folder. 
            2. To remove an icon from a folder, drag the icon outside the folder.

            3. To rename a folder, tap it to open. Touch and hold the folder window’s title bar. You can

                change the folder name and its color.

            4. Tab + to add apps to an folder.

            5. You can remove the folder and icons in it by dragging the folder to Remove on top of

                the Home screen.



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