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     This section provides an overview of items you can change using your phone's System
     settings menus.

     To access the Settings menu:
     Tap  >  > System settings.
     - or -
     Tap  >  > Apps tab >  Settings.


     Sound profile – Choose the Sound, either Vibrate only or Silent.
     Volumes – Adjust the phone's volume settings to suit your needs and your
     Vibrate strength – Allows you to set the vibrate strength for calls, notifications, and
     touch feedback.
     Quiet mode – Set up your Quiet mode. Tap the Turn quiet mode on now switch
     to toggle it On or Off. You can schedule Quiet mode to activate automatically and
     designate exceptions to your Quiet mode.
          Set quiet time: Tap the switch to toggle it On or Off. You can also set the days and
          times to automatically turn Quiet mode on.
          Incoming call settings
               Block incoming calls: Checkmark to block all incoming calls.
               Allow repeated calls: Checkmark to allow a call that is repeated within 3 minutes.
               Allowed contact lists: Designate which Contacts calls will be allowed.
               Auto reply to blocked calls: Set how to you want to automatically reply to
               silenced calls.
     Phone ringtone – Set the ringtone for calls. You can also add a ringtone by tapping
     at the top right corner of the screen.
     Smart ringtone – Checkmark to increase phone ringtone volume automatically in noisy

     Incoming call vibration – Sets the incoming call vibration Options.
     Gentle vibration – Checkmark to gradually increasing vibration up to current strength
     Ringtone with vibration – Checkmark to set the phone to vibrate in addition to the
     ringtone when you receive calls.
     Voice notifications – Tap the Voice notifications switch to toggle it On or Off. On
     allows your device to incoming call and message events automatically.
     Notification sound – Allows you to set the sound for notifications. You can also add a
     sound by tapping  at the top right corner of the screen.
     Touch feedback & system – Allows you to set the feedback (tones and/or vibration)
     while using your device.


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