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[G2] 音樂

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     Your phone has a built-in music player that lets you play all your favorite tracks. To
     access the music player, tap  >  > Apps tab > Music.


 Add music files to your phone

     Start by transferring music files to your phone:
     • Transfer music using Media sync (MTP).
     • Download from the wireless Web.

     • Synchronize your phone to a computer.
     • Receive files via Bluetooth.


 Transfer music using Media sync (MTP)

     1  Connect the phone to your PC using the USB cable.
     2  Select the Media sync (MTP) option. Your phone will appear as another hard drive
         on your computer. Click on the drive to view it. Copy the files from your PC to the
         drive folder.
     3  When you’re finished transferring files, swipe down on the Status Bar and tap USB
         connected > Charge phone. You may now safely unplug your device.


 Playing a song

     1 Tap  >  > Apps tab > Music.
     2  Tap Songs.
     3 Select the song you want to play.





     To change the volume while listening to music, press the up and down volume keys on
     the back side of the phone.
     Touch and hold any song in the list. The Play, Add to playlist, Share, Set music as,
     Delete, Details
and Search options will be displayed.

     ※ NOTE:
     • Some file formats are not supported, depending on the device software.
     • If the file size exceeds the available memory, an error can occur when you
       open files.

     ※ NOTE: Music file copyrights may be protected by international treaties and
                        national copyright laws.
                        Therefore, it may be necessary to obtain permission or a licence to reproduce
                        or copy music.
                        In some countries, national laws prohibit private copying of copyrighted
                        material. Before downloading or copying the file, check the national laws of
                        the relevant country concerning the use of such material.



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