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[G2] Voice Mate

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  • 最後更新 24/11/2015

Voice Mate


 Voice Mate

     Voice Mate allows you hands-free interaction with your devices. You can ask Voice Mate
     to perform phone functions using your voice, such as calling a contact, setting alarms
     or searching the web. When you access this feature for the first time, it displays help
     information to assist you in learning how to use this function. 

     ※ NOTE:
     You can use Voice Mate after agreeing the End User License Agreement and
        Privacy policy.
     You can view examples of various commands by swiping the Voice Mate
        main screen to the left.
     You can also launch Voice Mate using the Quick Access feature


 Use Voice Mate

     1  Tap >  >  Voice Mate.
     2  Tap to turn it on. Say what you want it to do for you.

     ※TIP! Use Voice Mate in a quiet environment so it can accurately recognize
                  your commands.

 Voice Mate Settings

     1  Tap  > >  Voice Mate.
  Tap  > Settings to configure the environment settings.


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