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[V10] 如何編輯第二螢幕的圖示?

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  • 最後更新 27/11/2015

How can you edit app short cut displayed on the second screen?


 How to Use

     From the home screen, tap App ▶ Settings ▶ Display tab (if applicable) ▶ Second screen.
     Tap Show when main screen on ▶ App short cut gear icon.  From here you can 
     select up to 5 app(s) for shortcut and rearrange the order.

     • To change the app shortcut option, tap the gear icon in the corner of the respective app 
        you want to change and select the new app from the list.  
     • To change the order, press and hold app shortcut and moved to desired location and 
     • To delete and app shortcut, tap wastebasket icon, then tap the red X icon in the corner 
        of the respective app shortcut you want to delete.






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