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[電視] VUDU 安裝及設定

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  • 最後更新 06/08/2014
VUDU is now part of LG's NetCast Entertainment Access. Current model lines with NetCast are PS80 Plasma TVs and LH50 LCD TVs. VUDU allows you to rent and stream movies over the Internet to a VUDU enabled device.

There are three parts to this article:

What kind of speed is needed?
How do I access VUDU?
How do I activate VUDU?


1) What kind of speed is needed?
  A minimum of 2 Mbps is required. 4 Mbps+ for HD and HDX viewing. Even at 4 Mbps, you may experience some delays with HDX.  
2) How do I access VUDU?
  Press the NetCast button on your remote. It's the red one with the LG logo on it. If there is no VUDU icon on the screen, update the software in your TV. If ita���s there, skip to the next section.
With your TV connected to the internet...
Press Menu. Then Network. Then Software Update. Then Check Update Version. If it shows you Software version as 3.12.07 or higher, then the VUDU icon should be present already in the NetCast menu. If not, it should give you the option to update. Press Update and then Enter to install the new firmware. Do no touch the TV, power, or remote while the update is running.
VUDU should now be an option in your NetCast menu. Also note that the design of your NetCast menu may have changed. We did this to make it easier to read.
3) How do I activate VUDU?
  You can browse VUDU titles and watch previews without activating. But, you will need activate and have a VUDU account before you can download any movies. We recommend you activate since VUDU is providing a free credit when you activate (Subject to change without notice).
To activate the TV, click "First Movie Free" in the VUDU menus. Enter the listed activation code at Setup a new account if you don't have one already. If you already have an account, you can also activate by logging in and clicking My VUDU  and Activate.
That's it. VUDU is ready to use.



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