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為您的LG 產品尋找相關資訊


開電視後, 沒有即時顯示影像

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  • 最後更新 15/06/2016

Power delay


For OLED, LED, LCD, PDP products, it takes time to display an image.


How to fix

Check if the LG logo appears on the screen when you turn it on.

If you are using set-top box, check if it is turned on.

※ For some OLES and other models, LG logo doesn’t appear on the screen.

For the symptoms below, it needs to be checked by a service engineer.

1. Standby lamp blinks for more than 30sec. or power is turned off again after blinking or ‘click-clack’ sound    

from the back of the product repeats.

2. Sound system works well but no image appears on the screen, and Setting Menu doesn’t show up even                                                

though you press the menu button on the remote control.


PDP.LCD,LED TV  : Within 10sec.

※ LCD Wireless TV : 17sec. ~ 20sec.(until connected wirelessly)
OLED TV : within about 15sec.


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