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為何於手機充電時, 輕觸螢幕後, 手機螢幕反應出現了問題?

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Touch screen malfunctions during charging. Why?


symptom Symptom


              Touch screen malfunctions during charging


cause Cause


              - When chargers produced by other than LG is used, the touch screen may malfunction. 
                Low-priced chargers with different rated voltages may cause more errors due to noise interference.


              - If malfunctions occur at the same time and same place, it may be due to external environment.


              - If you observe errors when charging the phone or using the phone by connecting it via USB or HDMI (MHL),

                Noise interference from connected devices may be the reason.

how to fix How to fix


              - It is recommended that you use the LG charger. 


              - If the touch screen continues to malfunction with the LG charger, please do as the following to check the cause. 
                1) Please check where (home, office, or a wall outlet) and when (daytime or night) the malfunction takes place. 
                2) If errors appear regardless of time and place, please visit the nearest service center for technical assistance.


              - See if other devices are connected. If the touch screen errors are caused when connected via USB or HDMI(MHL),

                it is likely because of the noise from its environment. If you face difficulty with using your phone,

                please visit the service center to have it checked.


              - Make sure your phone is upgraded to the latest version.



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