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[V10] 如何使用智能設定功能?

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  • 最後更新 27/11/2015

How can you use smart setting function?



     Automatic setting adjustment based on location and phone status. 

     Smart Settings uses specific triggers to perform certain actions (not supported for VZW).
     Trigger with specific actions include:

     Device Triggers:
     - You arrives at home
     - You leaves home

     Action based on Device Triggers:
     - Wi-Fi On/Off
     - Bluetooth On/Off
     - Sound Profile: Sound On, Vibration only On, Silent On

     Connection Triggers:
     - Earphone Connected
     - Bluetooth Device Connected

     Actions based on Connection Triggers:
     Execute application (All apps: LG & Downloaded)

     1. Access settings in Apps ▶ Settings ▶ General tab (if applicable) ▶ Smart Settings.
     2. The place you stay the most is recognized as home (requires learning period of about 5 days)
         a) To manually change, go to [Edit Smart setting] or 
              [Settings - General tab (if applicable) - Location - My Place].
     3. A Smart Notice Card shows when there are suggested Smart Settings based on user pattern.




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