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How to connect general car Bluetooth

1. Enter a Bluetooth connection standby state on the car screen (Head Unit) to connect via Bluetooth.

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2. Go to Settings > Network > Bluetooth > Search > Select a device (car name) to connect > Check whether encryption keys are identical. (Click OK on both the mobile phone and car.) > Pairing and connection.

3. If an encryption key is not created automatically and you’re promoted to input the PIN code, input “0000” (default password) or the password printed on the Bluetooth user’s guide.

4. When successfully connected, check whether the mobile phone device name appears on the car screen.

General matters to check, if connection fails.

Power reset: Car Bluetooth setting, on/off of mobile phone Bluetooth setting

- If connected to other mobile phones or used with other Bluetooth devices before, existing connection can be restored as soon as the Bluetooth device is turned on.

Deleting all registered devices: Deleting all devices that were already registered (connected)
-Connection can be unstable due to the environment by Bluetooth device and the number of Bluetooth devices that can register according to the condition of the car.

Changing the sequence of power on/pairing/connection of the mobile phone and Bluetooth device

- Generally, power is turned on in order of mobile phone Bluetooth power on > car Bluetooth setting on > Select and connect the mobile phone paired with the car.
- Check by changing the sequence of Bluetooth device search in the mobile phone ↔ preparation for car Bluetooth pairing.

- Check the sequence of pressing the OK or Finish button on the encryption key check window of the mobile phone and car.


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