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Instructions to watch 3D video


To watch 3D video

※ Some models do not provide 3D image. Check the user’s manual.

How to fix

3D imaging is a technology that utilizes the slight difference in left/ right eyes to make the images on the

projector appear just like real-life 3-dimensional space.

1 Play a 3D-image title or tune to a 3D channel.

2 Press the 3D button to activate 3D.

3 Turn on the 3D glasses and put them on.

4 While viewing 3D images, press the 3D button on the remote control to end 3D image viewing.

5 Press the L/R button to switch the playing direction of an image. Select a screen with better 3D display

quality. – If you press the 3D button during viewing, it returns to 2D. * Depending on the input signal, the available 3D type may differ.

Sample User’s Manual (It may vary by model)


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