Retail & QSR

LG provides the best signage solution for retail and quick service restaurants who promote corporate commercials, product advertisements and information. Find out more about it below.
  • Retail (Mall)

    Digital signage is used for advertising or as an information display board with attractive commercial contents highlighted with pictures, animation, and even interactive experiences in fashion shops, markets, auto showrooms and other retail environments. LG provides the best signage solution for SMB or shopping mall owners who promote corporate commercials, product advertisements and information in the retail industry. Digital signage solutions for retail use require the following key elements.

  • Application Scenes

    ID_01_Retail&QSR_01_1460082839047_1477037438485 ID_01_Retail&QSR_01_m_1460082843954_1477037444577
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_02_1460082936381_1477039384191 ID_01_Retail&QSR_02_m_1461227902653_1477039388866

    1. Advertisement

    High-quality Ultra HD display is a real attention grabber in high foot-traffic areas.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_03_1460082950031_1477039397717 ID_01_Retail&QSR_03_m_1461227926744_1477039402242

    2. Artwall

    Display is effective for shop walls or large spaces that require expandability.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_04_1460083054275_1477281796711 ID_01_Retail&QSR_04_m_1461228022456_1477281802410

    3. Promotion Board

    Display widely used in commercial spaces.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_05_1460083069589_1477281812595 ID_01_Retail&QSR_05_m_1461228028506_1477281819489

    4. Kiosk / Wayfinding

    Display guides customers in obtaining information directly and performing interactive communication.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_06_1461227983917_1477037826753 ID_01_Retail&QSR_06_m_1461227990065_1477037833143

    5. Information Board

    Display has outstanding versatility and is available in multiple sizes and forms.
  • QSR

    In QSRs, small cafés, and restaurants, digital signage is mainly used as a menu board. Recent advancements make it possible to not only display the menu image and information, but also highlight short-term promotional events. These digital boards have an impact on the store interior design and mood and deliver entertaining content to customers, but store managers must make quick changes to effectively manage promotional contents. To make all this possible, the following conditions for digital signage must be considered.

  • Application Scenes

    ID_01_Retail&QSR_07_1460083335177_1477037533769 ID_01_Retail&QSR_07_m_1461228107220_1477037552382
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_08_1461228153482_1477281937369 ID_01_Retail&QSR_08_m_1461228158432_1477281943645

    1. Menu Board / Promotion Board

    Display installed at counters or inside stores to provide menu information.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_09_1461228165209_1477281949971 ID_01_Retail&QSR_09_m_1461228170822_1477281955110

    2. Drive-Thru / Window facing

    Display installed on store’s exterior highlights special promotions and offers.

1. Ultra HD Screen

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_10_1461228232736_1477276394072 ID_01_Retail&QSR_10_m_1461228238335_1477276400359

    Ultra HD Resolution (3,840 x 2,160)

    The large Ultra-HD screen delivers an immersive viewing experience.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_10_1461228232736_1477037904298 ID_01_Retail&QSR_10_m_1461228238335_1477037910284

    Ultra HD Resolution (3,840 x 2,160)

    The large Ultra-HD screen delivers an immersive viewing experience.

2. Video Wall

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_12_1461228361567_1477282070054 ID_01_Retail&QSR_12_m_1461228368777_1477282075968

    Ultra Narrowest Bezel (VH7B)

    The ultra narrowest bezel video wall enables the overall image of video wall to be much closed to a single screen.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_13_1461228396427_1477282081999 ID_01_Retail&QSR_13_m_1461228401783_1477282087373

    Clear Viewing Angle

    LG Video Wall ensures clear picture quality even when installed in stacks of more than four. This is very favorable for the quantity of video walls installed in large spaces.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_11_1461228325567_1477037982630 ID_01_Retail&QSR_11_m_1461228331257_1477037988533

    4K Upscaler content to near UHD levels.

    LG’s up-scaling and super resolution technologies enhance the quality of FHD content to near UHD levels.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_15_1461228461059_1477038189363 ID_01_Retail&QSR_15_m_1461228468015_1477038195101

    Evolved Daisy-Chain Performance

    DisplayPort1.2 connectors enable UHD content playback on 4K Video Wall in 2x2 displays. (available on LV75A/LV77A)
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_16_1461228502883_1477038652449 ID_01_Retail&QSR_16_m_1461228567081_1477038658259

    LAN Daisy Chain Performance

    A LAN daisy chain allows you to execute commands to control and monitor the screens and even update their firmware. (available on VH7B)

3. Standard Signage

  • ID_03_Transportation_06_1461286974142_1477038730002 ID_03_Transportation_06_m_1461286981557_1477038736019

    Advanced Fail-over

    Enables content to be displayed without dead spots when none of the external inputs is working. The monitor performs the signal switching automatically.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_18_1461228631197_1477282205215 ID_01_Retail&QSR_18_1461228631197_1477282205215

    Convenient Connectivity Support

    Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP support ensures convenient network management.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_19_1460090050838_1477282221700 ID_01_Retail&QSR_19_m_1460090057892_1477282227522

    Wi-Fi Support

    LG Standard Signage support Wi-Fi USB dongle connection for convenient content distribution.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_20_1460090134569_1477282329855 ID_01_Retail&QSR_20_m_1460090141531_1477282335972

    Digital input to Daisy Chain

    Support DVI/HDMI digital signal turns to DP out.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_20_1460090134569_1477282329855 ID_01_Retail&QSR_21_m_1461228770447_1477282348070

    Screen Management Mode

    Aspect Ratio Sustainability(Installation Menu>LG Digital Signage>PM Mode) Sustain the same resolution and picture quality while powering on/off by receiving EDID(Extended Display Identification Data) through switch IC.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_22_1461229071951_1477282442406 ID_01_Retail&QSR_22_m_1461229076521_1477282448584

    Stand-by Screen

    Even without signal from the media player, the network does not turn off completely, so remote control is possible, which prevents unnecessary power usage and enables efficient management.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_23_1461229091520_1477282454376 ID_01_Retail&QSR_23_m_1461229096041_1477282459690

    Scheduled Screen Wash

    Prevent residual images with the screen transition feature. (Installation Menu>ISM Method)
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_24_1461229119650_1477282578768 ID_01_Retail&QSR_24_m_1461229126850_1477282584333

    Content Management

    Screen Fault Detection Detects screen failure and sends an alert log by email.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_25_1461229138350_1477282590570 ID_01_Retail&QSR_25_m_1461229143427_1477282597020

    USB Content Scheduling

    Play and schedule contents with a USB connection-no server connection required.

4. Small Signage

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_26_1461229175850_1477282743532 ID_01_Retail&QSR_26_m_1461229193386_1477282750093

    Quad Core SoC (System-on-Chip)

    The High Performance SoC can execute several tasks at the same time and provide smooth content playback.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_27_1461229209629_1477282756167 ID_01_Retail&QSR_27_m_1461229215653_1477282761904

    WebOS 2.0

    The webOS 2.0 platform provides easy and convenient tools to create content. LG’s SDK* and technical support make content development and management easier than ever before.

5. Built-in Touch Signage

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_28_1461230891416_1477282847205 ID_01_Retail&QSR_28_m_1461230895971_1477282852533

    5mm Protection Glass

    The 5mm protection glass on the 84TR3B provides durability against external impacts that may occur in educational institutions.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_29_1461230901873_1477282858794 ID_01_Retail&QSR_29_m_1461230907298_1477282864747

    Built in Touch

    LG’s up-scaling and super resolution technologies enhance the quality of FHD content to near UHD levels.

6. Overlay Touch

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_30_1461230931919_1477283001703 ID_01_Retail&QSR_30_m_1461230936735_1477283007224

    Multi-Touch with Slim Bezel

    The multi-touch function can be added to existing displays without.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_31_1461230942889_1477283014103 ID_01_Retail&QSR_31_m_1461230947810_1477283021772

    10 Point Multi-Touch

    The multi-touch can recognize up to 10 touches at once to provide a more realistic experience without the need for a separate pen. affecting the sleek, clean look of the bezel.

7. LG Smart Hybrid Cooler

  • ID_03_Transportation_06_1461286974142_1477038805375 ID_03_Transportation_06_m_1461286981557_1477038814143

    Hybrid Display

    With proximity sensor enabled, the display switches from advertising mode to transparent mode enabling see-thru view.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_33_1461231401964_1477038907892 ID_01_Retail&QSR_33_m_1461231413460_1477038899522

    Vivid display with pin-point accurate image

    Specially designed for the LG Smart Hybrid Cooler, M+ panel (with additional white pixel & enhanced transparency) renders brighter images for a vivid digital content.

8. Outdoor / Window facing

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_35_1461231469824_1477039227349 ID_01_Retail&QSR_35_m_1461231479123_1477039233476

    High brightness Reliability ins its brightness for a long time.

    Over time, the brightness decreases depending on operating time. However, the LG XF2B sustains its brightness for a long time.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_36_1461231558810_1477283102735 ID_01_Retail&QSR_36_m_1460091428978_1477283108599

    Fan-less Noise Reduction

    The XS2B is a perfect choice for in-window environment by removing cooling fan. Its noise level is under 25dB which runs as quietly as a recording studio (30dB).
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_37_1461231604430_1477283130050 ID_01_Retail&QSR_37_m_1461231610461_1477283120169

    Dust & Humidity Protection

    The conformal coating enhances circuit board reliability by protecting it from dust, iron shavings, humidity and other harsh conditions.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_38_1461231642677_1477283257176 ID_01_Retail&QSR_38_m_1461231649584_1477283251028

    Low Power Consumption by M+

    It has excellent energy-efficiency and cost-savings with the M+ panel, which decreases power consumption by 31 compared to the RGB panel.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_39_1461231675830_1477283263288 ID_01_Retail&QSR_39_m_1461231682988_1477283277720

    Cost Effective Housing

    Its high reliability under high operating temperatures reduces the material costs of the enclosure.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_40_1461231706627_1477283361694 ID_01_Retail&QSR_40_m_1461231714526_1477283367619

    Real-Time Remote Monitoring

    The XS2B is a perfect choice for in-window environment by removing cooling fan. Its noise level is under 25dB which runs as quietly as a recording studio (30dB).
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_41_1461231720263_1477283373203 ID_01_Retail&QSR_41_m_1461231725409_1477283378505

    Saving System Log Files

    Supports log fi le backup for fault clarification when the enclosure fails. It is convenient for the user to check the log file history for proof when enclosure errors occur.