LG Digital Signage offers the ideal solution for various educational environments such as classrooms, auditoriums, dormitories and cafeterias. Find out more about LG digital signage below.
  • Overview

    LG Digital Signage offers the ideal solution for various educational environments. LG’s product line-up is optimized for schools and other educational institutions and can effectively deliver educational content and information across your institution or campus. This line-up includes Built-in Touch and Overlay Touch that transform standard signage into touch screens, SuperSign TV software to make content management easy, and the capability to create large Video Walls with stunning picture quality in spacious environments.

  • Application Scenes - Education

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    1. Classroom (Inside)

    LG Digital Signage maximizes two way communication through touch screen and allows you to add interactivity to standard signage using touch overlay systems.
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    2. Classroom (Outside)

    With its compact screen size, LG’s small signage enables you to deliver information anywhere.
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    3. Auditorium

    Video Walls maximize immersion by providing huge screens in large spaces, increasing your chances of attracting customers.
  • ID_02_Education_05_1460096109852_1477293797432 ID_02_Education_05_m_1461288708658_1477293802494

    4. Dormitory & Cafeteria

    SuperSign TVs effectively manage content and deliver various information.

1. Ultra HD Large Screen

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_10_1461228232736_1477293074977 ID_01_Retail&QSR_10_m_1461228238335_1477293079991

    Ultra HD Resolution (3,840 x 2,160)

    The large Ultra-HD screen delivers an immersive viewing experience.
  • ID_02_Education_07_1461288745412_1477293136195 ID_02_Education_07_m_1461288750119_1477293142145

    84" Large Screen

    The large screen and wide viewing angles create effective learning environments in which audiences can view the screen from any angle.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_11_1461228325567_1477293192148 ID_01_Retail&QSR_11_m_1461228331257_1477293197608

    4K Upscaler

    LG’s up-scaling and super resolution technologies enhance the quality of FHD content to near UHD levels.

2. Highly Reliable Touch Experience

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_28_1461230891416_1477293907493 ID_01_Retail&QSR_28_m_1461230895971_1477293912652

    5mm Protection Glass

    The 5mm protection glass on the 84TR3B provides durability against external impacts that may occur in educational institutions.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_29_1461230901873_1477293917775 ID_01_Retail&QSR_29_m_1461230907298_1477293923763

    Built in Touch

    LG’s up-scaling and super resolution technologies enhance the quality of FHD content to near UHD levels.

3. Overlay Touch

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_30_1461230931919_1477294002521 ID_01_Retail&QSR_30_m_1461230936735_1477294007066

    Multi-Touch with Slim Bezel

    The multi-touch function can be added to existing displays without.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_31_1461230942889_1477294014203 ID_01_Retail&QSR_31_m_1461230947810_1477294022088

    10 Point Multi-Touch

    The multi-touch can recognize up to 10 touches at once to provide a more realistic experience without the need for a separate pen. affecting the sleek, clean look of the bezel.

4. Video Wall

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_12_1461228361567_1477294120798 ID_01_Retail&QSR_12_m_1461228368777_1477294127028

    Ultra Narrowest Bezel (VH7B)

    The ultra narrowest bezel video wall enables the overall image of video wall to be much closed to a single screen.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_13_1461228396427_1477294132292 ID_01_Retail&QSR_13_m_1461228401783_1477294136647

    Clear Viewing Angle

    LG Video Wall ensures clear picture quality even when installed in stacks of more than four. This is very favorable for the quantity of video walls installed in large spaces.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_14_1460088811280_1477293262481 ID_01_Retail&QSR_14_m_1461228439467_1477293268073

    Uniform Brightness

    LG’s LED backlight technology guarantees high uniformity in brightness to ensure a clear picture. On other screens, certain spots may appear darker than others, but the new VH7B generates high visibility and a consistent brightness across the whole screen
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_15_1461228461059_1477532673033 ID_01_Retail&QSR_15_m_1461228468015_1477532678164

    Evolved Daisy-Chain Performance

    DisplayPort1.2 connectors enable UHD content playback on 4K Video Wall in 2x2 displays. (available on LV75A/LV77A)
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_16_1461228502883_1477293486663 ID_01_Retail&QSR_16_m_1461228567081_1477293492042

    LAN Daisy Chain Performance

    A LAN daisy chain allows you to execute commands to control and monitor the screens and even update their firmware. (available on VH7B)

5. Small Signage

  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_26_1461229175850_1477294238189 ID_01_Retail&QSR_26_m_1461229193386_1477294242857

    Quad Core SoC (System-on-Chip)

    The High Performance SoC can execute several tasks at the same time and provide smooth content playback.
  • ID_01_Retail&QSR_27_1461229209629_1477294248605 ID_01_Retail&QSR_27_m_1461229215653_1477294253400

    WebOS 2.0

    The webOS 2.0 platform provides easy and convenient tools to create content. LG’s SDK* and technical support make content development and management easier than ever before.

6. SuperSign TV

  • ID_02_Education_20_1461288353659_1477294332527 ID_02_Education_20_m_1461288359322_1477294338278

    Simple Connectivity

    With built-in SoC (System on Chip) and Wi-Fi dongle support, installation has been simplified. By removing the external media player and ethernet/RS232C cables, the total cost of ownership (TCO) can be reduced.
  • ID_02_Education_21_1461288365594_1477294343883 ID_02_Education_21_m_1461288380181_1477294349142

    Fail Over

    The USB fail over function enables content to be displayed without dead spots when no input signal is available. It supports files in JPG format with a maximum file size of 10MB.
  • ID_02_Education_22_1461288402473_1477293558262 ID_02_Education_22_m_1461288408180_1477293563146

    Content Management

    The SuperSign Solution includes the SuperSign Lite, W, and C software to provide digital media editing, scheduling, distribution, and management capabilities. By installing SuperSign W on a server, you can manage up to 1000 TVs.