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LG Pro:Centric Direct is a powerful content management solution specifically tailored for the hospitality industries. Its flexible and scalable design allows businesses to easily manage and oversee their TV networks from a centralized location, providing guests and customers with a personalized, interactive, and immersive viewing experience.

Using LG Pro:Centric Direct, hotels, resorts, and other businesses can customize and brand their TVs with their own logos, graphics, and messages, as well as offer guests access to a variety of interactive services such as room service, weather updates, and information about the hotel.
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Enhancing the hospitality experience

  • SI companies can remotely monitor equipment operation status to minimize the need for direct guest room visits. Device management, such as firmware updates, can also be done with ease.

  • Hotels can obtain valuable data related to customer usage, providing insights for efficient operations. Additionally, easy content creation and customized advertising can lead to increased sales.

  • Customers can receive customized services and easily access hotel-related information and events, making their stay more comfortable and convenient.

Content Management

LG Pro:Centric Direct offers a comprehensive content management solution for the hospitality industry that allows businesses to efficiently operate various contents played through the hotel TV.
By using LG Pro:Centric Direct, businesses can easily create and distribute personalized content, such as event information, floor facilities, and hotel guides, through the welcome page and other informative channels.

Efficient Group and Remote Management

Efficiently manage your hotel rooms and provide customized services to enhance guest satisfaction with our group and remote management functions. LG Pro:Centric Direct hoteliers to group rooms and manage them differently based on guest rating or purpose of visit. Through the IP network, hotel managers can send customized messages and notices to selected groups, provide firmware updates, set the splash image, and turn the TV on/off in all rooms. This enhances management efficiency and guest satisfaction by providing useful information to guests and saving time for hotel staff.
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Enhanced User Experience

Numerous hotels are taking proactive measures to enhance the convenience of their guests during their stay. These considerations extend to the guest rooms, and various factors are taken into ccount to enhance the customer experience. In this regard, LG Pro:Centric Direct enables guests to enjoy an enriched user experience through the in-room TV. Let's explore how LG Pro:Centric Direct enhances customer satisfaction and delivers improved in-room entertainment.
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Data Viewer

LG Pro:Centric Direct provides an intuitive dashboard that allows hoteliers to access useful information, helping them to run their operations more efficiently and make better decisions based on guest preferences.

Through the dashboard, hotel can learn about customer behavior, such as, how long do guests stay or what channels do they prefer, and this data can be accumulated for up to 3 years. Hotel can analyze the accumulated data on their own to understand customer behavior and preferences, allowing hoteliers to make suitable suggestions or rearrange channels to suit guest preferences.
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Usage Scenario